55 percent IndiGo domestic flights get delayed: What caused disruption in airline’s operations?

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The Director General of Civil Aviation in India has launched an investigation into the matter after 55 percent of IndiGo's domestic flights suffered delays on Saturday (July 2), the same day when Air India’s recruitment drive was underway.

55 percent IndiGo domestic flights get delayed: What caused disruption in airline’s operations?

The disruption in the airline’s operations was caused due to a substantial number of cabin crew members taking sick leaves. They allegedly went for Air India’s recruitment drive, sources inside the industry claim as per news agency PTI.

55 percent IndiGo domestic flights get delayed: What caused disruption in airline’s operations?

Only 45.2 per cent of IndiGo's domestic flights were on time on the day, as per data from the Ministry of Civil Aviation's website.

55 percent IndiGo domestic flights get delayed: What caused disruption in airline’s operations?

On Sunday, DGCA chief Arun Kumar said that the aviation regulation body was “looking into this".

Air India conducted the second phase of its recruitment drive on Saturday. Sources say majority of the ones who took sick leave at Indigo went for the drive.

Country’s largest airline IndiGo, with around 1,600 domestic and international daily flights, has not responded on the issue.

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When comparing IndiGo’s 45.2 percent on-time flights on the day, other airlines had significantly more punctual operations. Air India had 77.1 percent on time, SpiceJet had 80.4 percent, Vistara at 86.3 percent, Go First at 88 percent and AirAsia India at 92.3 percent.

Meanwhile, the recently acquired Air India is recruiting amid Tata Group’s planned acquisition of new aircrafts. The group is looking to improve the erstwhile national carrier’s services.



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