Meet Devyani from Mahendergarh, who secured AIR 11 in UPSC CSE exam

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Becoming an IAS or IPS officer is a dream for many, but only a few are able to clear the coveted and one of the most difficult UPSC exams. Today we will tell you about Devyani, who cleared the UPSC exam and secured AIR 11.
Resident of Mahendergarh

Meet Devyani from Mahendergarh, who secured AIR 11 in UPSC CSE exam

Devyani belongs to Mahendergarh, Haryana. She did her schooling from SH Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh. Devyani completed her graduation in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani’s Goa Campus, in 2014.

Meet Devyani from Mahendergarh, who secured AIR 11 in UPSC CSE exam

Father is an IAS officer

Meet Devyani from Mahendergarh, who secured AIR 11 in UPSC CSE exam

Divyani is the daughter of Hisar Divisional Commissioner, Vinay Singh. She has secured 11th rank in the UPSC examination 2020. Since she had seen her father working as a civil servant from the very beginning, therefore she also wanted to become the one. Her father is her inspiration.

Got the desired result in her fifth attempt

Earlier, Devyani had tried her luck in the year 2015, 2016 and 2017. In the year 2017, she had reached the interview round. Even after failing the exam thrice, Devyani did not give up and succeeded in her fourth attempt when she secured AIR 222 in 2019. 

Training in Shimla

Divyani had secured AIR-222 in the UPSC civil services exam in 2019. After which, her training started in Shimla. She was also selected in the Rajasthan Civil Services, a year before. She had no pressure to perform this year. However, her hard work and determination helped her secure AIR 11 this year.

Mock interviews helped her a lot

According to Devyani, she never saw how many hours she studied. She used to study seriously without noticing anything else. Since she was working, she did not get much time to study. Therefore, she used to study on weekends. This time, she had set a target to score high in the optional subject. To prepare for the interview, she started giving mock interviews. Apart from this, she used to read newspapers daily and focused on writing.



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