Who is Saligram Garg, Dhirendra Shastri's brother? Here's why he was arrested

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Dhirendra Shastri's brother Shaligram Garg along with another accomplice Rajaram Tiwari has been arrested 13 days after a video of him brandishing a gun and threatening a man has gone viral on social media.  In the video Bagheswar Dham's godman Dhirendra Shastri's brother was seen threatening a man with a gun and using abusive language during the wedding function on February 11 in Gadha village of Chhatarpur district.

Who is Saligram Garg, Dhirendra Shastri's brother? Here's why he was arrested

Shaligram Garg allegedly threatened and assaulted the Dalit family at gunpoint.  On the basis of the viral video, Chhatarpur police investigated the matter and book him. Garg is presented before the Chhatarpur court and he will most likely be sent for police remand. 

Who is Saligram Garg, Dhirendra Shastri's brother? Here's why he was arrested

#UPDATE | Madhya Pradesh: Bageshwar Dham's Dhirendra Shastri's brother Shaligram Garg along with another accomplice Rajaram Tiwari arrested for "using abusive language, pointing gun & threatening complainant" during wedding function on Feb 11 in Gadha village, Chhatarpur district https://t.co/y6Icf0UjV3

Who is Saligram Garg, Dhirendra Shastri's brother? Here's why he was arrested

— ANI MP/CG/Rajasthan (@ANI_MP_CG_RJ) March 2, 2023

An FIR has been filed against him by the Bamitha Police under several IPC sections including 294, 323, 506, and 427 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as well as the SC/ST Act.

Who is Shaligram Garg?

Born to Ram Karpal Garg and Saroj Garg, Shaligram Garg is about 26 years old and he is a self-acclaimed spiritual leader. He is the brother of Sef-styled Godmon Dhirendra Shastri. They even have a sister named Rita Garg. 

This incident happened shortly after the Bageswar dham godman, Dhirendra Sha called for India to become a 'Hindu Rashtra'. He even said that "foreigners desire an India where everyone can pronounce Hindutva with pride."

#MadhyaPradesh के छतरपुर में #DhirendraKrishnaShastri के छोटे भाई का पिस्टल की नोक पर #दलितों को धमकाते हुए #वीडियो वायरल, #शादी समारोह में हुआ था विवाद। #MPNews #marriage#BageshwarDhamSarkar #बागेश्वर_धाम_सरकार @vinodkapri@ranvijaylive @ShyamMeeraSingh @KotwalMeena pic.twitter.com/yiYnl2KNcP

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