Farzi composers Sachin

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The popular music-composer duo Sachin-Jigar are known for their melodious sound and their inventive soundtracks such as Meri Pyaari Bindu, Go Goa Gona, Badlapur, Stree, and most recently Bhediya. They have composed the music for the upcoming web show Farzi, which marks the OTT debut of Shahid Kapoor and also features Vijay Sethupathi in the leading role.

Farzi composers Sachin

In an exclusive interview with DNA, Sachin-Jigar opened up on composing music for the Prime Video original show, and their association with the Farzi creators Raj & DK. The music directors also talked about how composing music for a web show is different from working on a film and shared their views on the ongoing trend of multi-composer soundtracks in Hindi cinema.

Farzi composers Sachin

Speaking on how did Farzi happen for them, Sachin Sanghvi said, "We have had a long-lasting relationship with Raj & DK. They just really inspire us to do something wacky. They are themselves so quirky and out of the box that whatever they do, it ends up as something unique so Farzi is no less. I don't think any of us has seen Shahid Kapoor so cool before. It's a really, edgy, gritty space so when it came to us, we absolutely just lapped it up."

Farzi composers Sachin

From Shor In The City and Go Goa Gona to Happy Ending and A Gentleman and even the web series The Family Man, Sachin-Jigar have composed music for each film and show helmed by Raj & DK. As Sachin-Jigar are themselves a duo, we asked them if it's easy or difficult to collaborate with the director duo. Sachin replied, "They are very funky. Just like me and Jigar, Raj & DK are two completely different individuals with completely different approaches. So when it's me-Jigar and Raj-DK, it's basically four different minds and hence, a lot is filtered between us. Sometimes it's difficult that you have to cater to four demands, but our track record has been so strong that whatever we have done together, it has worked for all of us. We attempt to do something gritty and different, and hence that's challenging and fun."

Adding his own input, Jigar Saraiya said, "The belief that Raj & DK have in us is our strength. Since the first song we did together Saibo, we four have confidence in each other. I think if there is something that they are least worried about, it must be music because they know that we are just a brief away for them."

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Stating how composing music for a film and doing the same for an OTT show is no different for them, Jigar told DNA, "For us, composing music is the big part. The medium is the second part. Sachin and I have always thought that if we make the right song, it will work. Especially with Raj & DK, I don't think it has ever mattered what we are composing for. When we were doing Go Goa Gone, so we made music that we felt was right for that film. And Farzi is no different, I know it is OTT but for us, it is still a song that we have made using all we know and all the heart we have."

There has been a trend of multi-composer soundtracks in Bollywood in the last few years. We questioned the music-composer duo if this trend weakens the music's effect on the whole film. Jigar replied, "This is absolutely true and that's why we try to do such albums as less as possible. If we ever compose an album and somebody's else song is added later on to it, that is not by our choice. The role of each music director in a multi-composer album is to provide a single hit song, which is not a bad thing for a film that requires that. But for serious cinema where storytelling is important, where songs are required to take forward the narrative and develop the character's mindset, I believe that is a solo composer space. I think it is coming back and slowly and steadily, it will come back."

Also starring Kay Kay Menon, Regina Cassandra, Raashii Khanna, Amol Palekar, and Kubbra Sait among others, Farzi starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video from February 10 onwards.



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