Nepal plane crash: Problem in aircraft engine led to Yeti Airlines disaster that killed 72

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There may have been a problem in the engine of Yeti Airlines Flight 691 which crashed while landing at Pokhara on January 15 this year. The ATR-72 aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder indicate that a problem in the engine was the reason behind the crash, the probe committee has said. 

Nepal plane crash: Problem in aircraft engine led to Yeti Airlines disaster that killed 72

The Yeti Airlines passenger plane had crashed into a river gorge while landing at the recently-opened airport in Pokhara. It had taken off from Nepal capital Kathmandu carrying 72 people. There were no survivors in the crash.

Nepal plane crash: Problem in aircraft engine led to Yeti Airlines disaster that killed 72

The twin-engine turboprop aircraft was carrying 68 passengers and four crew members. The passengers included foreign nationals: five Indians, four Russians and one Irish. A special commission was formed to probe the reason for the crash. It was given 45 days to complete the report and present its findings. 

Nepal plane crash: Problem in aircraft engine led to Yeti Airlines disaster that killed 72

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