Here's how a TCS techie brought out the challenges faced by food delivery executives

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While we order our foods online, sitting from the comforts of our homes on days we do not wish to cook, there is somebody there on the roads who is doing the hard work for us. And this is exactly what a former Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employee from Chennai has brought to light.

Here's how a TCS techie brought out the challenges faced by food delivery executives

The techie decided to take up a job as a Zomato food delivery agent while he was between jobs. There he witnessed severe challenges that these warriors face everyday, including the ever-increasing fuel prices in India. Scores of delivery agents can be seen roaming across the cities via narrow alleys and bylanes, be it on a sunny or rainy days, weekends or festivals.

Here's how a TCS techie brought out the challenges faced by food delivery executives

The delivery agents work round the clock to meet the expectations of customers waiting for their food at home. Srinivasan Jayaraman, once a TCS employee from Chennai and now a Zomato food delivery agent took to LinkedIn to tell his story. Taking to LinkedIn, Jayaraman narrated his ordeal as a delivery executive and brought to light the challenges, these warriors face every day.

Here's how a TCS techie brought out the challenges faced by food delivery executives

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But what Srinivasan Jayaraman's initiative has done is just more than what delivery executives face. He taught that 'no job is easy and no job is disrespectful'. "If we love what we are doing that would be the best job in this world. I respect and salute the people who all choose this as a career," said Jayaraman in his post. He added that his family was also sceptical about him taking up this job.

In his post he narrates what all difficulties he had to face. There are times the delivery location is not mentioned properly by the customer while phone numbers are also not updated properly. Sometimes it may be difficult to locate a restaurant if a delivery agent is new to the location. Even google maps can't find it easily.

On long-distance delivery location he wrote, "I received an order to deliver 14 KM from the location from which I picked up the order. That was my third online order in 3 hours time and that was the last order too. Fewer orders are received even in hotspot locations and peak times. I received only 3 orders in 3 hours' time."

He also wrote about the challenges imposed on delivery executives due to the petrol price hike day by day.



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