Covid XBB 1.16 variant might lead new wave in India: Know symptoms, treatment, number of cases

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Three years after its initial detection in the country, the Covid pandemic is finally subsiding in India. After three waves of the Covid pandemic left the country panicked, it is likely that a new descendant of the Covid XBB variant might cause a new wave in the country.

Covid XBB 1.16 variant might lead new wave in India: Know symptoms, treatment, number of cases

A fast-spreading variant of the Covid XBB type – XBB1.16 – has now been detected in several countries and is likely to be the cause behind the slow yet gradual spike in the number of Covid cases in India over the last few weeks, while the influenza virus is also on the rise.

Covid XBB 1.16 variant might lead new wave in India: Know symptoms, treatment, number of cases

As per TOI reports, an international Covid tracking platform has noted that the highest number of cases of the Covid XBB 1.16 virus has been detected in India. The total number of cases in India is currently 48, while the cases in the United States and Singapore remain under 20.

Covid XBB 1.16 variant might lead new wave in India: Know symptoms, treatment, number of cases

This new descendent of the Covid XBB virus has seen a sudden jump in India, along with three other countries over the last few weeks. Experts believe that if proper precaution is not exercised, it can lead to a new Covid wave in the country.

As quoted by TOI, a top genome expert said, “In India, XBB.1.16 is showing a high prevalence in the state of Maharashtra and Gujarat, as per covSPECTRUM. XBB.1.16 has not descended from XBB 1.15, but both have descended from the recombinant ancestor XBB.”

The most number of the Covid XBB 1.16 cases in India have emerged from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat. Here is all you need to know about its symptoms and treatment so that it doesn’t lead to a severe Covid wave in India.

Covid XBB 1.16 symptoms, treatment

As of now, there is little to no difference between the symptoms of Covid XBB 1.16 and XBB 1.15. The symptoms of this variant include fever, sore throat, cold, headache, body aches, and fatigue. It also might impact your digestive system and respiratory system.

When it comes to treatment, it is expected to be controlled by paracetamol and Vitamin supplements, only after consulting a doctor regarding the same.

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