Hyperpigmentation: 5 Causes of hyperpigmentation around your bikini line?

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There are a lot of people who are dealing with unwanted pigmentation around their bikini areas, and it's absolutely normal. Hyperpigmentation around the inner thighs and the bikini line can happen to anyone regardless of their skin tone, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. However, there are a few ways a prevent it from occurring that can be done easily and safely. 

Hyperpigmentation: 5 Causes of hyperpigmentation around your bikini line?

Treat skin hyperpigmentation with these 5 ingredients

Hyperpigmentation: 5 Causes of hyperpigmentation around your bikini line?

Avoid deodorants-Huge cause of pigmentation in the inner thigh area is the chafing or rubbing together of the skin in that area, especially in the sweaty, sticky summer months. A great hack to avoid this is to apply a sticky deodorant to the skin that tends to stick together to lubricate it, cool it down, and reduce the uncomfortable rubbing.

Hyperpigmentation: 5 Causes of hyperpigmentation around your bikini line?

Sweat and friction-It's very normal to sweat around the folds of your legs and bikini line but wearing tight clothes made of the wrong materials can make you sweat more and cause extra friction which ultimately ends in this hyperpigmentation. So, stick to wearing loose, cotton underwater. At night you can skip the underwear to give your skin a chance to breathe and just wear some loose shorts instead. 

Hygiene- As this area is always covered it can collect dead skin cells that build up on the skin. It's super important to wash your inner thigh and bikini area daily. Just remember to be gentle in those areas as they are highly sensitive. Scrubbing in those areas also helps in reducing the cells that cause pigmentation. 

Hair removal-Frequently removing public hair can also cause darkening of this sensitive area over time. The best thing to do is to reduce how often you remove your hair and instead of waxing or shaving just use a trimmer to trim out the excess hair. 

Hormones- One of the biggest causes for hyperpigmentation down there is actually hormones and is normal. Hormonal changes from puberty, pregnancy, PCOD, or even just age can cause an increase of melanin in the skin around your bikini line which makes it darker slightly over time. 



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