China's Covid

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As concerns continue to grow over China's surge in Covid-19 cases, travellers from China now face restrictions when entering more than a dozen countries. Australia is the latest to require a negative test before arrival, with the new rule taking effect on January 5. The country's health minister cited Beijing's "lack of comprehensive information" about Covid cases as the reasoning behind the travel requirement, which aims to "safeguard Australia from the risk of potential new emerging variants." Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have also imposed either a negative Covid test requirement or testing upon arrival for travellers from China.

China's Covid

Morocco has gone a step further, banning all arrivals from China "to avoid a new wave of contaminations in Morocco and all its consequences." The World Health Organization has called the precautionary measures "understandable" given the lack of outbreak information provided by Beijing, but the European branch of the International Airports Council has said the restrictions are not justified or risk-based. European countries are set to meet next week to discuss a joint response to the issue, with incoming EU presidency holder Sweden seeking to establish "a common policy for the entire EU when it comes to the introduction of possible entry restrictions."

China's Covid

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China's Covid

While some major Chinese cities seem to be emerging from the current wave of infections, smaller cities and rural areas with fewer resources have been hit particularly hard. In response to the outbreak, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has expressed a willingness to provide "necessary assistance based on humanitarian concerns," though she did not specify what kind of aid might be extended to Beijing, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province.

Chinese President Xi Jinping struck a more optimistic tone in his New Year's address, saying that "epidemic prevention and control is entering a new phase... Everyone is working resolutely, and the light of hope is right in front of us." Despite the jump in infections, large crowds still gathered for New Year's Eve celebrations in Shanghai and Wuhan, although some social media users reported that the festivities seemed more subdued than in past years. China reported over 5,100 new infections and one death linked to Covid on Sunday, but these figures are believed to be at odds with the reality on the ground.

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