Dhanteras 2022: Mistakes you must avoid while shopping on this auspicious day

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The auspicious Hindu holiday of Dhanteras 2022, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, is being observed in India today. This sacred day marks the start of the Diwali celebrations. People buy brass, silver, and gold objects on this day because it is said that it will offer luck, success, and protection from the evil eye. Dhanteras will be observed on October 22 and 23, 2022, this year.

Dhanteras 2022: Mistakes you must avoid while shopping on this auspicious day

For luck and fortune, Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. As this day is considered one of the blessed and most suitable day for purchasing expensive goods, there are some mistakes that you must avoid making.

Dhanteras 2022: Mistakes you must avoid while shopping on this auspicious day

Invest rather than spend: There is a tradition of purchasing during the Dhanteras festival. The Scriptures, however, advise against spending money on this day. In other words, money should come rather than leave the house. Therefore, one should invest on this day rather than spend money on necessities. Spending money on things like gold, silver, a house, land, etc. will be preferable.

Dhanteras 2022: Mistakes you must avoid while shopping on this auspicious day

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Do not lend money: On the day of Dhanteras, avoid making the mistake of lending money to friends or family members. On this day, don't let Lakshmi leave your home. It would be best if you saved any loan-related transactions for after Diwali.

Shop according to shubh muhurat: On Dhanteras, it is customary to make purchases. On Dhanteras, some individuals choose to spend the entire day shopping. Making this purchase in accordance with the Muhurta would be preferable.

Empty utensils: It is also customary to purchase utensils on Dhanteras, but it's important to remember that these items shouldn't be carried home empty. Put some water, rice, or another grain inside the utensils before bringing it into the home.

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Keep your home's main entrance clean: On Dhanteras, it is important to keep the main gate of your home neat and clean.  The main entryway of the house is where the deities and good energies enter, according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, do not leave dirt at the main gate on this day of Dhanteras.

Iron: Buying new items on Dhanteras is seen to be particularly lucky. While there are several items that should not be purchased on this day, like iron

Adulterated metal: Dhanteras is a symbol of purity and good fortune. Because of this, purchasing any corrupted goods on this day should be strongly avoided.

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